Blog Post #1: Educational Animation

While watching a movie, I came across a very captivating animation of,  “The Inner Life of The Cell.” While researching the video I found that it was produced by Harvard University. There is a version with narration and another with just music. The music version is nice to watch second because you can just sit back and see all the animation. As well you can be amazed by the fact these things go on in just one cell of your body all day and everyday. When I originally saw this cell video in a movie, I was with a science major student. She told me how helpful it was and she got excited while explaining the different processes of the cell. For an animation to have that affect on a student shows exactly why animation should be used as a tool for education! For many students, visual aids help in learning.

In class we learned that a good animation would be understandable even without words. When I saw this video for the first time, just the one with music, the science student I was with could pick out what almost every function was. She named the cell parts and if they were coding or decoding. I am a history major so science is not my thing but for the animation to be that easy to understand for her made me think that this animation was obviously made well and would be considered a good one.

The cell video made me think of the impact of computers on animation and animation’s growing appearance in education. The cell video was accurate to the most minute of details except for the cell part’s being given bright colors in order to better distinguish them. Besides this color differentiation, the video helps to bring the otherwise unknown world of a cell, from words in a textbook to objects in constant motion. Animation and the use of newer technologies are always changing the world of education. Just look at online classes and this history course being based on blogging. I am looking forward to witnessing the changing world of education.

Cell animation with narrative:

Cell animation with music:

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One thought on “Blog Post #1: Educational Animation

  1. I think both of these videos are great for educational purposes! I like them both for different reasons. The first video being that it is narrated and lets the viewer know what’s going on. But the second video is really something different. The music adds a nice dynamic to the video and in a way captivates you even more (some people might feel that the narrated video is dry and boring). But I really think that classes should be using videos like these a lot more. Especially for biology, because personally I find that visual explanations help a lot for biology classes. This also reminds me of the Schoolhouse Rock videos that many people watched in elementary school. Hey, they worked for us as kids (I still remember the one that helps you count by 3’s!), so why can’t they still be beneficial to college students?

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