Blog Post #3: Disney Bridging the Gap

Not only has Disney made a huge impact on the world of animation but they have also made an impact in the lives of many of their young viewers. Many of us remember growing up watching Disney movies such as Snow White, Cinderella, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty. These particular movies are aimed at young girls. They emphasize finding true love and having it be a perfect love story, as well as extravagant and fantastical. The main woman characters always find their prince charming who will sweep them off their feet. And the girls who view this, fantasize about their true love and imagine that it will be love at first sight. They also imagine their wedding days as being the perfect epitome of the dream. Little do they know when they grow up, they will learn that the real world does not work this way. Despite this, Disney still aims to capitalize on those viewers who grew up watching the princess fairy tales by bridging the gap from childhood to adulthood.

Disney is not only a movie business but has become a cultural icon too. Disney has begun the process of bridging the gap by recruiting famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz, to photograph celebrities in Disney movie inspired photo shoots. The “Disney Dream Portrait Series” is aimed at the older women who watched the films when they were younger. (One is seen in my design header above).

This has bubbled over into the world of wedding planning. Their perfectionism “has ballooned into a wedding obsession craze that has become the latest cultural contagion,” (Wedding Planning & Management textbook-Maggie Daniels & Carrie Loveless). Disney has created this obsession by their picture perfect love stories that real women think they can have too. Disney has even gone so far as to offer a line of designer wedding gowns named after their characters’ names and inspired by the particular movies they are in.

“The lavish wedding allows for a temporary escape from a world of imperfection, as the magic invoked by a performative spectacle and symbolic objects becomes a key means of generating a rite of passage through a public display of success,” (Wedding Planning & Management textbook). Disney capitalized on their cultural icon status and have offered bridal gowns as I said above but also Disney weddings and honeymoons. They try to bring the romance in their movies to life for any woman who can afford it. From having a personal florist to wedding cake designer on location to having everything about the ceremony and reception designed for you, Disney has it all to make your wedding day the idea of perfection and fantasy that their movies portray. But you might want to check out the pricing before you get too excited! Although people might splurge just for the convenience of having all the vendors in one place.

Disney has done an amazing job to relate and transform your childhood Disney fantasies into realities. They have capitalized on the growing business of wedding planning and have branched out to their aging fans. For girls, you can’t tell me you never thought about having the perfect fairy tale wedding and finding your own prince charming after watching the Disney Princess movies as a child.

I will leave you with a clip of Cinderella and Prince Charming.
Who wouldn’t want to be Cinderella dancing with her Prince Charming in this romantic scene? Dancing and being together in a gorgeous and flowing gown with a handsome prince, on a beautiful night with stars in the sky moving from a private balcony to a garden to a bridge over serene water to a kiss by the clock.

I responded to Ian Crawford and Danyael Hughes.


4 thoughts on “Blog Post #3: Disney Bridging the Gap

  1. I am getting Married in Septemebr and sadly, a subscriber to BRIDES magazine. There is at least 20 pages throughout the magazine describing the dream of getting married in one of Disney Animation parks and the perfect dress that matchs a fairy tale princess. You can even have them do a scene from one of your favorite romanitic scens for your wedding reception. Instead of a limosione you get to ride in a carrage similar to Cinderella’s. Its amazing how they can take a girls fantasy that was only displayed in a cartoon and make it real. Is this giving the wrong impression on love and what it should be about? Good eye, you ahve no idea how many time I ahve seen the ads and sub conciuosly said, “awww…. I want to like Cinderella”. Good EYE!

  2. Yes, it is pretty sad how Disney has skewed perceptions of love for viewers around the world, particularly little girls. But this is an interesting post, as it also touches a part of psychology. Is it any surprise that men believe that true love exists and women don’t? Hmm, probably not. But it’s ridiculous that Disney has managed to come up with the same storyline…girl is lonely, girl finds boy, girl likes boy, girl marries boy, and so on. They could have at least had some originality! But that’s Disney for you. Altering perceptions of reality since 1937.

  3. I found this to be an very interesting post!! Even though I saw most of the Disney movies when I was young — I have never really been a Disney ‘Fan’ as an adult. By the time my daughter was old enough to appreciate the Disney fairy tale princesses there were plenty of other animated movies to compete for her attention. Disney’s marketing ability has definitely moved from today’s young girls to finding a way to make money on them when they have salary of their own.

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