Blog Post #5: The Fallen Princesses

I recently blogged about Disney commercializing their Princess movies through producing fairytale weddings and honeymoons. I also talked about the advertising campaign of Annie Leibowitz who took photographs of celebrities portraying various Disney characters. In this post I will talk about the other side of Disney princesses by showing you a humorous take on the reality of Disney princesses portrayed by Dina Goldstein through photographs she took.

Dina Goldstein’s photography project is called, “Fallen Princesses.” She has essentially taken the classic Disney princess characters and showed how they may be in the real world. Although these photographs are supposed to be humorous, they also have a meaning behind them. Women cannot expect their lives to be perfect or dream for a true prince charming like in the movies, they have to think about reality and be able to handle whatever comes their way. There are pressures to be and look perfect but Goldstein shatters this perfection of Disney princesses in her photo campaign.

Goldstein has photographs of Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Ariel, and a few other fairytale stories that have yet to be made into Disney princess movies. Snow White is seen holding two kids at her hip and another tugging on her dress, while her prince charming cares more about what is on TV than helping his wife. This is far from the Disney portrayal of Snow White being saved by her loving prince and the viewers imagining they will be together happily ever after.

Snow White Fallen Princess

Another photo that I will discuss, (all can be seen through first link to her website) is the photo of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. This one had the biggest impact on me. From watching reality shows like the Housewives on Bravo and MTV shows, all women are competing with each other to look perfect. This can be somewhat achieved through plastic surgery which is widely popular today. Beauty getting older and getting a face lift and lip injections to have fuller lips, really reflects the reality of what beauty and looks have become today. It is a constant battle with yourself and in culture that Disney has somewhat helped create.

Beauty Fallen Princess

These girls grow up wanting to be beautiful princesses and their insecurities brought up when they realize life doesn’t work that way, leads them to wanting/seeking any way to achieve that standard of perfection which leads to plastic surgery. And we all know that does not turn out well. I think a good example is Heidi Montag from The Hills. I think Disney has helped with contributing to this perfection seeking culture that we have today but it is not Disney alone.

Dina Goldstein’s photos have definitely made an impact on everyone just as how the original animated movies did and still do today. Dina’s Snow White photograph was a runner-up for 2009 American Photo’s Images of the Year. I think that girls who have grown up watching Disney fairytales and hoping for her perfect guy, perfect wedding, and perfect ever after can find these photos humorous because they know how life really is compared to what they thought it would be as a Disney kid. But it also is a little sad because life could not be the way you had hoped for as a child.

I responded to Brittany Alberry and Sandra Kellerhals.


One thought on “Blog Post #5: The Fallen Princesses

  1. I’m going to look into Dina Goldstein’s work. Thanks for bringing this to the public eye. The fairy tale is so diverse and has such an impact on our lives as females through the early stages even into womanhood.

    I wrote my dissertation last year on the portrayal of the female maturation process in fairytales and enjoyed every second of writing it.
    In particular I focused on the classics: Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel.

    I’ve posted a little on one of my earliest posts on my blog but i’d love to share more from my dissertation if you’re ever interested.

    I must look back at the Lebowitz’s pictures too.

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