Blog Post #6: Avatar on the Moon?

This blog post will talk about how technology from films can branch into the world of science. I will be informing the readers about NASA’s Project M. NASA has been working on using similar Motion Capture technology that was used in filming Avatar for robots on the Moon. Scientists would control the robots through the use of motion capture suits. While this technology may seem years away from being realistic, the scientists said it could be done in less than 1000 days.

This new opportunity is called NASA’s Project M. Unfortunately these “Avatars” will not be anything like those in the movies, they will be robots that the scientists will be able to control from Earth. Now instead of scientists working through the eyes of astronauts, the scientists will be able to look for themselves to see what might be valuable for their research. And since a trip to the moon in this economy is nowhere near close to happening, this is definitely the next best thing. It will also be considerably cheaper.

Who knows what the possibilities are with these. Think about going to a Space Museum within the next 10 years and being able to control one of the robots on the moon yourself! Plus with NASA also working on capture motion technology, think about how much movies will change with the technology getting better and better. There are so many possibilities for education, research, and even entertainment with these types of new discoveries.

Below is a video animation of NASA JSC Project M.

I responded to Brittany Alberry and Jessica Martin.


One thought on “Blog Post #6: Avatar on the Moon?

  1. Wow that’s really interesting! Its definitely a big scientific achievement, and I really like how the video has been animated so clearly to illustrate how the whole thing is supposed to work! The sand is especially very realistic. This will definitely make it easier to discover things in space! I hope it can actually be done in the time period they have given.

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