Spring Break Blog: Alice in Wonderland Inspired Fashion

For our Spring Break blog, I went to see the new Alice in Wonderland. I found the 3-D to be fuzzy (might just have been the theatre) but overall I loved the whimsical, fairytale quality of the story. I think that the whimsical style was incredibly expressed by the fashion/style of Alice’s dresses. I think Tim Burton did a great job overall. Alice going back a second time was a good way to change the story around to add the White Queen from Lewis Carrol’s Through the Looking Glass and have the rabbit and twins be her friends.

I will not just be critiquing the movie for this week’s blog. I will be bringing the reader’s attention to another photo campaign by the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz inspired by Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and Disney’s original animated film “Alice in Wonderland” which was photographed for Vogue in 2003. I will also bring your attention to Disney’s recent campaign to launch an Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion line based off of the recent Tim Burton inspired Alice in Wonderland remake.

I have showed you before Disney’s wedding line and Annie Leibovitz’s Disney celebrity photographs. Now I will show you her 2003 Vogue photoshoot starring the model Natalia Vodanova which uses the whimsical and crazy styles of Alice in Wonderland as inspiration.

Here are a few of the pictures. Annie Leibovitz really captures the crazy and weird oddities that are what Lewis Carrol has created. (Click on photographs to see larger image).

Annie Leibovitz picked to represent scenes that would resonate with people that have seen Disney’s original Alice in Wonderland but then also used quotations from Lewis Carrol’s book that were not used in the movie. I love the styles of fashion that make use of the fantastical ideas that have come from Lewis Carrol’s books. It takes his creativity from his stories into the fashion world where the visualization is amazing to see as well as the visualization of the older Disney film and the newer one are all eye candy.

Lastly, Disney has released a Spring 2010 Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion line to further add onto their film revenues. I am excited about this because I love the dresses Alice wore in the recent film especially the one she wore as the guest of the Red Queen. I liked all the ruffles and crazy designs, it was a great mix between whimsy and modern styles. The Disney line is designed by Sue Wong and is a bit on the expensive side. They are whimsical, feminine, romantic and toned down enough to wear in the real world.

Source for Annie Leibovitz Alice in Wonderland photo campaign.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Break Blog: Alice in Wonderland Inspired Fashion

  1. I also, watched ALice and Wonderland for my special blog. I had a hard time figuring on what aspect to focus on and love the way you focused on the clothing. The outfits in the movie were well planned and though out and should be mentioned! I would of loved to see the fasion artist using the tall Alice wardrobemade by the red queens staff amoung the pictures. It was classic and a new inspiration to Alice in Wonderland. The ay the pages were layed out weere beautiful and excited to see the orginal quotes amoung the photographs. Good job of thinking outside the box in your post.! 🙂

  2. The clothing was a great way to bring together the Alice of the past and our new one from Tim Burton. Before she wore the same outfit of a blue dress with petticoats. I enjoyed how the Mad Hatter became her outfitter. He had an “Edward Scissorhands” moment! Truly,the outfits the current Alice wears are outlandish, assymetrical and not unlike many you see coming off of Fashion Week’s runways.

  3. Amanda- I loved the red dress Alice wore too! That dress was the epitome of a high fashion whacky look but feminine and fantastical; perfect for Alice in Wonderland. I loved how the red dress became a full length gown on Alice once she shrunk! I was going to put it in this post (might still put it up) but I couldn’t find it! haha I also loved the off the shoulder shrunken blue dress on Alice. Overall wardrobe/costume people did an amazing job!

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