Blog Post #10: Peeps Inspired by Animation

In the spirit of Easter, this blog post will be about the annual Peeps Show put on by The Washington Post. There were over 1,100 entries of dioramas making use the household Easter staple of marshmallow Peep chicks or bunnies. I will be showing various Peep designs from over the four years that the contest has been running that were inspired by animation.

The winner of the Peep Show for 2010 did a design of the house and balloons from “UP.” The designers, Michael Chirlin and Veronica Ettle, appropriately named the design, “EEP,” a mix of UP and Peeps. The design perfectly fits the whimsical style of the thousands of floating balloons carrying the old man, Carl’s house. The balloons are made up of Peep heads in various colors capturing the multi-colored look of the balloons from the film. The diorama includes Carl’s walker, the little boy,Russel, with all his badges stuck on the porch, the hanging hose, and even Carl and Ellie’s mailbox with little hand prints painted on them. The intricate design and hard work, matching the look from the animated film, earned the duo the winning spot for the 2010 Peep Show. A picture of the diorama is below but to get a better look at the intricate details check out the video at this link.

Another Peep diorama was inspired by “Alice in Wonderland.” The design, made by Amy Billingham, Rob Black, and Lauren Emeritz, is named, “The Mad Hatter’s Peep Party.” The close-up video of the design can be seen through this link. The Peep design shows a peep Mad Hatter, Alice, and the White Rabbit sitting around a table decorated with beautiful bright colors befitting of “Alice in Wonderland.” It is interesting that the designers used a real branch with real leaves for the tree. As well they used real lights with their own paper around them on the tree to look like paper lanterns. The peep shaped potted plants were also a nice touch. Overall the design was very unique and captured the whimsical and wacky style of “Alice in Wonderland.”

Lastly, I will draw your attention towards the Avatar Peep design. The diorama is named, “Avatar: The 3P Experience.” The design shows peeps in a movie theatre watching the peep version of Avatar. There is a peep riding the dragon/bird creature on the screen while the peeps in the audience have their “3P” glasses on watching the show. The diorama even shows the concession stand which offers snacks such as “peetzels,” “peepsi,” and “peepcorn.” There is even one peep who is leaving the movie theatre with his googly eyes going in different directions showing he is dazed and not feeling so well. This is very cute and is poking fun at the few reported instances of people feeling sick from the 3D “Avatar” movie experience. This diorama is #37 seen through this link.

The names of the designs added to their appeal and originality especially the play on words with adding some form of “peep” into the titles. I think this kind of contest is very befitting for animation because both need originality, creativity, and make use of savvy designs to create an experience for an audience.

Animation is increasingly becoming a part of pop culture just as important as live-action shows. Many animations are even outlets of pop culture like South Park and Family Guy. Animation is continuing to even beat out live-action movies on the big screen. Hopefully, we will see much more innovative animation in the future and all the other creative projects that are inspired by it.

I responded to Katherine Danoy and James Davis.


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